About TGex

TGex is a VCF to Report NGS analysis platform that integrates with existing primary and secondary analysis pipelines like GATK. For those who need a full flow solution, we also offer a proprietary FASTQ->VCF pipeline called the SAS. TGex was developed based on more than 3 years of NGS analysis expertise on hundreds of cases.

TGex's main advantages:

  • Leverages the GeneCards Knowledgebase
  • Based on 3-years of successful case interpretations
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Shorter analysis turn-around
  • Efficient and more accurate analysis
  • Better case resolution using comprehensive keyword search
  • Reducing manual analysis of dozens of genes
  • Summarizing the findings and generating a clean report






As you well know, any two individuals differ by tens of thousands of variants in their sequenced exome, the protein coding regions of the genome, and much larger numbers in their whole genome. Key to the interpretation process is uncovering genes and variants that may have a role in disease and health. Powered by LifeMap’s tools and databases, TGex enables identification of these key variants that are not just background and actually have a significant potential for diagnostic, theranostic or therapeutic utility.

TGex is able to provide this functionality due to its strong integration with the GeneCards Suite knowledgebase. If you aren’t familiar with the GeneCards Suite, it is a popular, comprehensive knowledgebase which brings together information about genes, their functions, variants, association with diseases and symptoms, pathways, drugs and much more from more than 120 leading sources.

Within TGex we have integrated a key tool that we have developed using this knowledgebase, VarElect, the NGS Phenoloyzer.  VarElect is a gene variant prioritization tool that identifies relationships between genes and phenotypes.


1. Prioritizes and scores variants based on their association with the phenotype, allowing for any keyword or combination to be used, including diseases, symptoms, etc.

2. Presents relevant evidence for the scoring of each candidate variant from our databases, allowing the analyst to learn more about the gene and its relationship with the phenotype in our knowledgebase

3. Finally, using the evidence and relevant publications from our knowledbase, we leverage VarElect to generate reports with automatic evidence collection for candidate variants as part of TGex

More about VarElect at http://varelect.genecards.org/about/ 

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