Tumor Biopsies

Cancers were historically viewed and therefore treated as a group of very similar diseases with the most prominent aberration – the one in cell growth – being targeted by most available drugs. Later on, tumors were classified by the source or tissue from where the malignant cells originated. This already better categorized the various cancer drugs and guided more specific treatment.

With the availability of cost effective sequencing, and after analyzing millions of genetic variations within specific tumor biopsies, it is clear that the genetic makeup of each tumor can vary between tumors and even between the same tumors in different times. These understandings are leading the way to replace the traditional cytotoxic treatments by more specific, often less toxic and apparently much more effective molecular and biological entities that target specific alterations in the tumor DNA that gave the tumor cells their advantageous cell growth.

Using the broad clinical data available in the GeneCards Knowledgebase, TGex provides several layers of information on the variations identified in the tumor biopsy sequencing, such as associated drugs, relevant clinical trials, pathways involved and others. Examination of this unique information that is incorporated into the report can lead to actionable decisions that will improve the treatment and make it more accurate, specific and efficient.

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